German Chocolate Cookie Bars for a Magnolia Days Guest Post

German chocolate cookie bars |
I’m honoured to be guest posting for my dear friend, Renee, today, over at her fabulous blog Magnolia Days. I met Renee about two and a half years ago through our Sunday Supper group. This generous, lovely, warm, supportive lady signed on to be my Sunday Supper mentor and I’ve learned so much from her.
German chocolate cookie bars |
Renee is currently in Germany with her mom celebrating their birthdays, eating lots of delicious German food and drinking lots of amazing German booze. Needless to say, it’s taking all my will power (and of course, my lack of funds) to not hop on a plane right now and join her.
German chocolate cookie bars |
I made these German chocolate cake inspired cookie bars for today’s guest post. They’re ooey, gooey, rich, chocolatey and aaaaaaaalmost delicious enough to take my mind off of my wanderlust. Click here to read my post and say hi to Renee!

23 thoughts on “German Chocolate Cookie Bars for a Magnolia Days Guest Post

  1. Omg these look gorgeous and rich and heavenly Nancy! I have never liked German chocolate cake before, but somehow thinking I’d like these bars. Going to check out the post now!

  2. I’d hop a plane, too. But I will happily settle for the time being for your scrumptious looking cookie bars and taste of German chocolate goodness…Making the hop to Magnolia Days to check out Ms. Nancy’s post.

  3. Ooooft if I didn’t eat my screen right now, I should thank the stars or something 😛
    It is literally LITERALLY a carry-around, pocket-sized favourite cake of mine!

    Choc Chip Uru

  4. UM. You are amazing. And I love that you’ve made German cookie bars for a tour in Germany. I’ll take that instead of grueling travel anyday! (Okay, no, I actually wouldn’t, but if I must stay at home then I must have these bars, right? Right!)

  5. Nancy these look so good. German Chocolate anything is always welcome in our home. I love Renee too. She has been such an inspiration and a guide for me several times when faced with challenges with blogging. Her wisdom is priceless.

  6. Thank you SO much Nancy for sharing the recipe for these awesome bars on my blog! Sorry it has taken me so long to get here to express a proper thank you. It’s been crazy after getting home and back in the regular routine. Hugs to you!

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