The Wallflour Girl Etsy Store Is Now Open!

A few months ago, I wrote about meeting the fabulous Ala of Wallflour Girl when she was here in Vancouver for a conference.

Ala and I

Look at us lovely ladies!

She then won your hearts when she guest posted for me with her incredible Baked Brownie recipe but I think what really resonated with you guys was her infectious positive spirit and her Wall of Smiles.
The Baked Brownie | gotta get baked guest post by Wallflour Girl

You know you want this!

I’m in constant awe of this lady because not only is she super smart (she’s an English PhD student) but I have no idea how she has the energy to do all the incredible things that she does (she runs marathons, bakes up a storm, manages her fabulous blog, teaches classes, whew! Just listing out some of her accomplishments is exhausting). And, most importantly, Ala is an incredible friend. She is always checking in with me to make sure that I’m alive and that I’m doing ok. How many people actually take the time out of their day to do that out of genuine love and concern?

So, now it’s my turn to do something for this generous lady. Ala just opened up an Etsy store where she’ll be selling her baked goods to all of you lucky people in the US. Here’s a list of the tantalizing treats Ala is selling:
Wallflour Girl Etsy Shop Screenshot
~ fudgy baked brownies

~ soft, puffy peanut butter chocolate chip cookies

~ caramel snack mix

~ all-natural peanut butter

~ healthy granola

You know you want to cram all of these things into your mouth.

Check out Ala’s Etsy page by clicking here and definitely swing by her blog by clicking here because she’s got all the exciting details, some coupon codes and a super sweet giveaway from now until October 17th that you won’t want to miss!

23 thoughts on “The Wallflour Girl Etsy Store Is Now Open!

  1. Some people are incredibly talented, witty, wonderful and fantabulous bakers! Sounds like you, right, Nancy? Well, Ala is of course also all those wonderful things…And you are one incredible friend to promote Ala’s yummy Etsy store =)

  2. GIRL. This just popped up on my feed–I don’t know how we only met months ago (has it really only been that long?!) because you are my kindred animal spirit or whatever, Nance. I can’t tell you enough how I’M the lucky one for meeting you! We’ll have to swap some posts and stuff sometime soon. Thank you sooo much for helping me spread the word about this. It means the world to me–and when I do start shipping to Canada, you will be the first to know & eat!!!

  3. Sitting here looking at this blog post and I feel slightly ashamed. Ala, if you’re reading this, I got your email and have been so busy I hadn’t had time to reply. I’ll get to you. Meanwhile, good luck with your venture and congratulations for taking the initiative to get it started.

    • DB, I hope you’re not worrying about it at all! I can completely empathize with the craziness of a busy life and am just so glad you’ve gotten to check in here. I can feel your support coming right through the screen, so thank you for that!!

  4. OMG Ala’s shop is going to go worldwide and absolutely take over the hearts of everyone 😀
    That is my hypothesis anyway! I am so so glad I met her, she is brilliant!

    Choc Chip Uru

    • hahahhahaa wait, how does that song go…have I told you lately that I love you?! Uru, you rock gal 🙂 thank you so much for your support! If only I could ship to you both pronto!

    • Bee, just wanted to stop by and say thank you for the kind words! I do hope you’ll get to keep us in mind for the holidays, or anytime you need a friendly treat 🙂 hope you have a lovely week!

  5. Ahhh this post warmed my heart. I so wish I could’ve been there to hang out with the two of you!!! Someday let’s all hang out and eat Ala’s AMAZING looking puffy pb cookies?!

  6. Wow, everything looks amazing!I can see why you love her, the brownies look so good! You both are so very talented I can see, so it’s no wonder you both hit it off. I’m sure her shop will do very well! You are such a sweetheart Nancy for sharing this for her!!

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