Soft Peanut Butter Cookies for a @cuzilikechoclat Guest Post

Soft peanut butter cookies |
I’m so ready for summer to be over.

The mosquitos are goddamn psychopaths. I’m being eaten alive this year. Never before have I witnessed such aggressive or quick little buggers.As soon as I leave the house to walk Abby, I’m bitten. They’ve gotten me on the neck (right in the jugular. No joke), the face, and all over my arms and legs. I currently have 12 bites on my legs. The crappy thing is how allergic I am – my bites swell up and feel hot and hard to the touch. As they heal, they become a dark red and it takes forever for them to fade away. I try to wear pants to hide my hideousness but the fabric brushing against the bites is excruciating. But when I wear skirts, I’ve had ladies point at my legs and say, loudly, that I look like I’m diseased.


I was walking Abby yesterday when we ran into a man walking his pug. We stopped to chat for a few minutes and while we were standing there, he smacked his leg and killed a mosquito as it was drinking. I was like, let’s get the hell outta here!

Let’s bring on the sunny but cooler days of fall. It’s my favourite season and I’ve already started buying autumn/Halloween decorations for my house. Is that crazy of me? If it is, I don’t give a damn. I just adorned my mantle with beautiful fake fall foliage and I’ve been eyeing Halloween wreaths at HomeSense. I’m counting down the days until October 1st so that I can plug the fake tombstones I bought today into my yard and hang up all the skeletons.

Even though the last official day of summer isn’t until September 22nd, the Labour Day weekend always feels like the end to me. The weather’s already changing, kids will be going back to school (unless the teacher’s strike continues in British Columbia) and I’m yearning to put on my sweaters, tights and boots again.

My friend Mallory of Because I Like Chocolate is still enjoying her European vacation so I’m guest posting for the second time on her blog today with these soft peanut butter cookies.
Soft peanut butter cookies |
Click here for the link and say hi to Mallory!
Soft peanut butter cookies |

20 thoughts on “Soft Peanut Butter Cookies for a @cuzilikechoclat Guest Post

  1. Dude, I loathe mosquitos. Loathe them. . so I share the same sentiments. . this is why I don’t even go outside after a certain time. I hear the mosquitos here in WI are freaking killer. and I have to say. . great minds think alike. . I just made peanut butter cookies a few days ago. . but yours look way awesomer. 😛 checking out the recipe now! and Fall can’t get here soon enough!

    • It’s working ok for me, maybe it was just down for a bit there? My site has been acting wonky though lately and no matter how many times I call GoDaddy, there still seems to be one problem or another. Definitely have to get things sorted out for good when I return from Europe!

  2. Nancy, I am so with you! Luckily the mosquitoes aren’t too bad here in Europe but I am just itching for fall (no pun intended). I guess the fact that my birthday is in September helps, but it is definitely my favourite season as well. There is nothing as pretty as seeing the leaves change colour in the Rockies. Thanks for such awesome guest posts while I am away!

  3. Aaah I was excited about summer starting before, but now? I forgot about mosquitoes!! 😛
    But LOVE your cookies, summer or autumn, it wouldn’t matter – they would save me from those little bloody buggers!

    Choc Chip Uru

  4. Ugh, mosquito bites are the worst! I’ve had a few that swell up like that. It’s almost painful! Luckily we’ve been spared this year, in my part of the world. It’s been a lovely, mild summer and I’m kinda sorry to see it go! But I’m sure I’ll enjoy the fall too, I always do!

  5. nononooooo I LOVE SUMMER (and thus far I have 0 mosquito bites :P)

    regardless….I also love these cookies-I love how soft and chewy and peanut buttery they look! gotta go get the recipe!

  6. I love summer but bugs. UGH! Back to school is a bit of a pain, but worth it to avoid the mosquitos outside 🙂

  7. You do have a way with words, my friend…Psychopathic mosquitoes…LOL…While I’m using text terms…BTW My ankles also blow up from time to time and I’ve had a Japanese friend quietly express her concern for my health. (Just a circulation, not putting my legs up thing.) Anyway, your soft pb cookies look like such a wonderful cozy way to welcome in the autumn weather…Undoubtedly you’ll be walking dear Abby past some pretty spectacular Vancouver foliage soon…Okay off to nab this spectacular PB recipe at Mallory’s =)

  8. Yes I want my sweaters, tights and boots!! I can’t wait!! Darn Mosquitos. They always are a pain. But for some reason my silly dark skin is too bitter so they stay away…blessing in disguise I guess lol! These cookies look amazing. For a girl whose husband thrives on peanut butter, I have yet to make a peanut bugger cookie for him. Must change that. Heading over to Mallory’s for the recipe.

  9. Summer is great only if you’re on vacation, and only until you get extreme temps or mosquitoes! It’s like snow, nice until the ice and mud come along. We’re ending our winter here, which is milder every year… I don’t want tropical weather to be a part of my life! Good thing you have these pb cookies. I really, really love a good pb cookie!

  10. We are clearly the SAME person. I’m allergic to mosquito bites too, and they are just awful for me. These mosquitos seem determined no matter how much protection I wear!! Forgive my mosquito rant. One bite my face too like what the heck?! And today I was just being swarmed and literally attacked!! Anyhow, I’m a huge fan of peanut butter cookies and will definitely check these out :).

  11. Oh my goodness, I was cracking up at you saying ladies point to your leg calling you diseased!! How rude of them! I understand completely…I’m in Houston and two things we have lots of that I HATE, are Mosquitos and wasps! I don’t go outside at night in the summer…I hate mosquitos and even in the early evening, those jerks have always bitten my daughter and with her delicate skin, they get huge and red, but do you know what helps?! Make a little baking soda paste by just mixing baking soda with a touch of water and put a blob of it on the bites. Let it dry and don’t mess with it til the morning. They are significantly better the next day and heal much faster. Do it a couple times a day. Hopefully it will work for you too.
    Ok enough about Mosquitos, lol, these cookies look amazing! I absolutely love peanut butter..,going to see post now!

  12. Awww how can you want summer to be over, it’s the best time of the year! I say that because mosquitoes don’t like me so I never get bitten, so basically you can be mad at me now. Also, can we do a guest post thing together one of these days?! I’m obsessed with reading yours!

  13. So I know I was a slow convert to the fall train, but it’s been 90+ degrees here now for two straight weeks and I AM READY. Of course, just when I want to start baking fatty casseroles and throwing on sweaters it’s hotter than it’s been all summer. Thanks Ohio!

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