B52 Layer Cake for #BoozyDessertsWeek with @CravingsLunatic

You guys, I don’t even have words for you. This is all you need to know:
B52 Layer Cake for #BoozyDesserts Week | www.gottagetbaked.com
I made a B52 layer cake for my dear, amazing, hilarious, fan-freaking-tastic friend Kim of Cravings of a Lunatic and Kiss My Smoke. Have you met Kim? If not, you’re missing out because this lady is a total riot. She’s smart, she’s sidesplittingly funny, and she has two of the best blogs around.

Need further proof of what I’m saying? This woman is hosting a boozy dessert week, which is kicking off with this cake. Layers of Kahlua chocolate cake, orange olive oil cake, Baileys ganache and a coffee buttercream.
B52 Layer Cake for #BoozyDesserts Week | www.gottagetbaked.com
Did you read what I just said? BOOZY.DESSERT. An incredible combo. She’s brilliant.

The best part is that I was actually with Kim this past weekend. We were physically in the same room at the Food and Wine Conference in Orlando, Florida with about 200 other amazing bloggers, including many from our Sunday Supper family. How lucky am I?! The only disappointing part was the fact that I wasn’t able to spend as much time with Kim as I wanted but I’ll be sure to rectify that when I see this lovely lady in Vancouver this fall (woot woot!).
B52 Layer Cake for #BoozyDesserts Week | www.gottagetbaked.com
Click here to check out my guest post and give Kim a big, warm hello!

30 thoughts on “B52 Layer Cake for #BoozyDessertsWeek with @CravingsLunatic

  1. Booze and chocolate?? I’m in!! Heading over now for recipe of this beautiful cake and to meet Kim!!

  2. Omg such a gorgeous cake Nancy! I literally opened my mouth when I saw it! I especially love how the icing is done! So professional and perfect, really!! I love the multiple layers too. I have never had a boozy dessert before, with the exception of Tiramisu, which is my ALLTIME favorite dessert…nothing ever comes close to comparing!

  3. This is TOO. BEAUTIFUL. I’m in awe of how perfect this cake is, and how moist and decadent it looks inside — and those flavors?! You’re a goddess. I second Courtney! Do you need two apprentices?!

  4. Boozy cake–I love you both already! Not that I didn’t before, but even more so now. You’re making so many excellent cakes, what in the world are you doing with them? I’ll be awaiting mine in the mail, you know. Gahhh I’ll take the leftovers!

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  6. I cannot thank you enough for doing this for me. You went above and beyond with this recipe. It’s truly spectacular. I cannot get over how perfect the layers are. You are a masterful cake genius.

    I am so thrilled we got to meet in Orlando. You are such a cutie. I wish we would have had more time to wander off somewhere quiet and gossip and swear like truckers. Hopefully I can get my FBC ticket booked before they sell out. Are you staying at the hotel or travelling back and forth each day? I won’t be able to spend much extra time there because we’re going to see our son in Alberta before I come over to Vancouver. But maybe we can plan a dinner or lunch near the hotel before I leave. I wish I had time to go wander and do foodie things. I’ll look at flights once I book the conference ticket and see if I can finagle a wee time to do something.

    Tell the hubby it was nice to meet him too. Handsome devil that one.

  7. Your cake is beyond, Nancy! If this lawyering thing doesn’t work out, you definitely have a job at Carlo’s Bakery. Or any other top of the line shop =) P.s. Again, soooo fantabulous to have met you in person! P.s.2. Heading over to Kim’s blog to get the recipe =)

  8. I commented on Kim’s fab site, but had to leave one here, too. I love how you think, write, drink and bake! FAB combination. I wish we had more time to hang. Maybe you and Kim can come back to South Florida instead of meeting in VERY cold Canada!!

  9. Oh my!What a stunning cake and did you say BOOZY?I’m totally in 🙂 Love the delicious layers and that Bailey’s Ganache is making me drool right now on my screen!And all the pics from the Sunday Supper Conference tells me that you girls had a rocking time 🙂 I missed it but looking forward to meeting you all next year for sure 🙂

  10. I am so curious as to how you did the swirls in the ganache? I am going to try this amazing recipe this week!

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