Coconut Layer Cake for an @UrbanBakes Guest Post

I hope you all have been enjoying your summer so far! It’s been amazingly, miraculously warm ‘n sunny in Vancouver this year. Almost too hot but I have refrained from complaining because before we know it, it’ll be raining again and we’ll be reminiscing about these wonderful sweet summer days.

The Husband and I have been making an effort to spend more quality time together. Instead of moping around at home after work, tackling the mountains of dishes (how in the world do the two of us generate so much?!) and wiping the counters, we take Abby, hop into the car, and drive down to the beach or the park to walk around. We’ll grab a coffee or an ice cream and sit, chat, enjoy the sunset. I’m not even letting the fact that I’m being eaten alive by mosquitos dampen my mood.

Abby at Starbucks

Abby staying hydrated during one of our walks. Don’t worry – it’s water, not java, in the cup.

I just celebrated my birthday on July 13th and it was glorious. The Husband took the day off so that he could spend it with me. We had an amazing brunch where I of course started my day with a mimosa. We then went to a new winery/brewery and shared a flight of wine.
Morning wine tasting.

Morning wine tasting. Do I look happy or what?

We walked around, enjoyed the sunshine, and then grabbed a screamer on the way home. This was heaven in a plastic cup. Thick, creamy soft serve ice cream with an Orange crush slurpee in the middle.
Orange screamer

This tasted exactly like a creamsicle. So damn good.

And then we went home where I baked my third birthday cake. If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ve seen all the teaser pics.

Cake #1: chocolate cake with a Nutella cheesecake centre
Chocolate cake with Nutella cheesecake
Cake #2: my take on the tuxedo cake – marble cake filled with layers of chocolate mousse and white chocolate cream cheese frosting
My version of the Tuxedo cake
Cake #3: a simple sour cream cake topped with juicy, local blackberries
Sour cream blackberry cake
Two of the three will be on the blog this summer.

Speaking of cake, head over to my dear friend Connie’s blog URBAN BAKES to check out this coconut layer cake I made for her while she’s on vacation with her family in Ecuador.
Coconut Layer Cake for an @UrbanBakes Guest Post |
This cake is super moist and full of that wonderful, light, tropical coconut flavour. Connie is so incredibly talented when it comes to cake that I felt a bit foolish making one for her (there’s no way mine could ever look as good!) but I wanted to make her something special and delicious. She’s been an incredible friend to me and she deserves it.
Coconut Layer Cake for an @UrbanBakes Guest Post |
Click here to read the guest post and say hi to Connie!

21 thoughts on “Coconut Layer Cake for an @UrbanBakes Guest Post

  1. HOLY CRAP. First of all, happy belated birthday!!! That sounds like a great day with your husband! (He is awesome for taking the day off to spoil you!!) And second of all, THREE CAKES?! This is why we’re friends. I so approve. You deserve every luscious layer. That nutella cheesecake-filled cake looks incredibleeee. They all look incredible. But that one…swoon. Your instagram teasers have been killing me and so is this teaser! I want the post! Can’t wait to read them and your awesome guest post!

    PS. I’ve never heard of a screamer before! But that looks DELICIOUS.

  2. I don’t think you should sell yourself so short on the cake front because all of yours look outrageously perfect. And by the way, three birthday cakes? Brilliant. That should become a widely practiced tradition! The last one looks so perfect for a summer party though. I’m going to go grab the recipe now!

  3. Uhmmm you are so silly!! Your cakes are ridiculously amazing. I can’t get a certain rum cake out of my head still (just saying). Love coconut to death so heading over soon for the recipe. But first happy belated birthday!! Your day sounded wonderful. Wine tasting in the morning sounds like my kind of day 🙂

  4. OK, now YOU know how to celebrate!!! 3 cakes? And all spectacular! Wine flights, mimosas and a screamer? Such fun. And I remember those times we spent on English Bay…with family, friends. Summer is so wonderful in Vancouver!!!

  5. Nancy!! I’m so happy you had a fabulous birthday. . and love that fact that you and tony and spending quality time together . . that’s what it is all about yo. love it. seriously. And 3 cakes?! this is why I love you!! and HELLO!! they all look amazing!!! can’t wait for the chocolate cake with a Nutella cheesecake center. . oh my gawd!!! well, you’re probably leaving for FL soon. . so wishing you a fabulous trip and amazing time at the conference!!! love you!

  6. OMG can you say absolutely incredible photos?! And an even MORE incredible birthday? 3 birthday cakes? PERFECT 😀
    You deserved this perfect day 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

  7. Ahhh HAPPY BIRTHDAY NANCY!! The day sounded perfect, and I love this initiative to get out of the house more — we could definitely take a leaf out of your book. And these cakes look amazing — I need to put my face in that chocolate one. (But also the coconut. But also the tuxedo cake. But also the blackberry cake. So all of them.) I hope you have a fantastic weekend at the conference, lady! You deserve it ❤

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We’re kind of birthday twinsies – mine was on the 11th. Except I only had one cake, so you definitely did your special day right. That Nutella cake definitely has my name on it – how long did it take you to make all these cakes??! And can I zip up from SF to eat the all? Seriously.

  9. Geez Nancy, it’s 11:34 PM, and I’m reading this blitzkrieg of cakes…I think I just put on five pounds. That being said, I can’t wait to make a few of them. And I’m so glad you had a very happy cake-filled birthday.

  10. What do you mean 2 out of 3 recipes? I need all 3! Tee her…Must say I’m hoping the Nutella cheesecake centre one is on the list. Anyway, your coconut cake looks divine. (Of course!) And your birthday filled with orange screamers, sips of wine and a hubby by your side looks like a day of perfect celebration. (P.s. Hope you got my FB birthday card.)

  11. Argh, I don’t check in on your blog for like two weeks and this is what i get bombarded with–cake on cake on CAKE. Nancy, you so fancy–fancy Nancy! I’m super happy to see this cake though–my parents would totally love it. And I’m glad you two are finally taking more you time–you deserve it!

  12. Okay, I don’t know what a screamer is, but I want one. Now. That Nutella cheesecake number is rocking my world. You know how to celebrate a birthday! Summer birthdays are the best (if I may say so myself). You actually share a birthday with my grandma! She was an amazing woman who raised 14 kids, so you’re in good company. Those July 13th birthdays must make for some strong, amazing women! I hope you’re having the time of your life in Disney right now and the weather stayed pleasantly under 90 degrees for you. Miss you already!

  13. Three birthday cakes?! I’m lucky I bake myself just one cake haha Sounds like you had a great birthday date with your hubby and Abby! Off to check out your coconut cake.

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