Blueberry Crumb Bars for an @blahnikbaker Guest Post

Happy Monday, everybody!
Seriously, I hate Mondays. It’s the suckiest day of the week. Yeah yeah, I should wake up with a better attitude and all that BS but I don’t wannaaaaaaa! *stamps feet*
Blueberry Crumb Bars | gotta get baked
There is at least one bright spot to my Monday today. I’m guest posting for my friend, Zainab, on her gorgeous, fabulous blog, Blahnik Baker. I should stop running my mouth about how hard my life is. This lady is an incredible baker, blogger and all-around woman. Most impressive of all, Zainab is a neuroscience PhD student. She’s working hard on a paper for publication on subject matters that I can barely even spell, much less try to understand. And she’s prepping for her annual departmental presentation to her school. Just typing that out started stressing me out and I’m not the one doing it! Needless to say, Zainab reached out to some of her blogging friends for help in this incredibly busy period and I was more than happy to volunteer.
Blueberry Crumb Bars | gotta get baked
I made Zainab some blueberry crumb bars. After the crappy winter she suffered through, she deserves something light and fruity and spring-like.

Click here to go check out the guest post and say hi to Zainab!

Enjoy the rest of your Monday (if you can πŸ˜‰

29 thoughts on “Blueberry Crumb Bars for an @blahnikbaker Guest Post

  1. hahaha-my little guy before bed last night was saying something along the same lines about Mondays! (because Mondays means back to school…oh no;). These blueberry crumb bars look incredible. Nancy, these would cheer me up out of the worst mood any day of the week! I will check out your recipe!!

  2. I’m retired, so there are no days of the week that I hate! πŸ˜‰ This blueberry recipe looks amazing! And my guy loves, love, loves blueberries. Thanks bunches!

    • Ha! I can’t wait until I can say the same, Lin (be it retirement or suddenly winning the lottery. Let’s see which one happens first!). Thanks for the comment. My husband loves fruit desserts too. Sometimes I’m nice and take a break from my usual chocolate recipes to make him something fruity πŸ˜‰

  3. Arghhh my Monday has been pathetic so far. Everyone just thinks I should be helping them today. Leave me alone!!! Pheww. I am so happy that this blueberry crumb bars exist. They are making me happy whenever I look at them. I can’t wait to make them this week!!! Thank you so much for the wonderful recipe and helping me out during this stressful time. You are the best πŸ™‚

    • Lol, poor you! I think every day there’s a moment where I’m like “stay away from me! Leave me the hell alone”. I hope tomorrow’s better. I was happy to help – seriously, any time, girl!

  4. No one listens to me, but I have been saying forever that we need three-day weekends. If I had three-day weekends, I think i could catch up with everything that never gets done. Lets just eliminate Mondays altogether. No one likes them anyway. Imagine sitting relaxed on weekend day #3 with a cup of coffee and an amazing blueberry crumb bar to start the day….all smiles, no grumpies right?!

  5. Lol themonday box! I work flex time and DO have three day weekends every weekend and you know what? It’s still not enough! I do have enough time to get things done, but at the same time I’m truly looking forward to retiring in about 18 months. In a perfect world, I’d work one day a week and get full pay, and bake the other six days! I’m not complaining, believe me; I’m very happy to be working, but a girls can dream! Happy baking!

  6. On my way to check out the path to bliss, Nancy! Doesn’t surprise me that smart Ms. Seto is friends with another brainy, beautiful baker!

  7. Holy frickeroni, girl–these look AMAZING! Talk about us needing to figure out a FedEx system; I’d happily swap mine for yours right now. Also, happy Thursday/almost-Friday. Do you, like myself, suffer from pre-Monday anxiety? I’m plagued with the thought of impending Mondays like all. The. Time. So on Friday I’m like, it’s almost Saturday which means Sunday is coming and that means the weekend is almost over GAH. If so, I believe you need to sit down with a slice of these ah-may-zing bars and enjoy the weekend on my behalf. Great post, hopping on over to Blahnik Baker’s to say hi to busy her too!

    • Girl, we are literally the same person (except I’m way older ‘n dumber than you). I’m the happiest on Friday night because it’s the furthest from Monday. Saturdays are pretty great but I can’t enjoy even a minute of Sunday because I know the next day is the beginning of the week!

  8. Ooh looks delicious and love the wonderful pics!! Love blueberries and this would be a sure hit in our family πŸ™‚

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