No-Knead Bacon Pesto Rolls for an @FoodieStuntman Guest Post

No Knead Bacon Pesto Rolls
What do carbs, bacon, pesto and parmesan have in common, besides being some of the most delicious things in the universe? They’re all rolled up in this fabulously easy and flavourful recipe that I’m sharing over at my friend, DB’s wonderful blog, Crazy Foodie Stunts. I met DB through our Sunday Supper group. He’s an incredible chef who is always pushing himself to improve his skills. Some of my favourite dishes that he’s made are penne alla vodka (carbs ‘n booze, a classic combo) and steak au poivre, which DB made on his blog twice because he was determined to perfect the dish.
No Knead Bacon Pesto Rolls
DB recently started a series on his blog called Adding Some Class. In his inaugural Adding Some Class post where he featured the fabulous Kim of Cravings of a Lunatic, DB explained the rationale behind the series in the following words:

Standard operating procedure for almost any blogger is to write a blogroll. I, too, have my own blogroll but I have felt for some time that blogrolls are inadequate.

Primarily the issue I have is that it gives no incentive for the reader to click on the link beyond the suggestion, so I thought why not bring that blogger to my readers? Instead of telling you why I read a blog, ask the author to demonstrate what makes them so exemplary. This is the reason I’ve created this new (hopefully) monthly series called Adding Some Class with…
No Knead Bacon Pesto Rolls
I’m extremely honoured to be featured in today’s Adding Some Class post. For this recipe and to find out why I’m useless with a grease fire but a total pro at googling stuff, click here.

17 thoughts on “No-Knead Bacon Pesto Rolls for an @FoodieStuntman Guest Post

  1. This is going to sound like an Oscar acceptance speech but thank you. Thank you for being a guest on my blog; thank you for your kind words here and thank you for these bacon pesto rolls that had to have been delectable. I’m just disappointed I couldn’t have been there to taste them.

  2. DB is clearly onto something. I love that he’s inviting foodies to show off their skills. Nancy, these rolls just blew my mind. Seriously, all of the flavors happening here are delicious. Bacon? No question. Pest? Yes, please! Cheese? Pile it on. Love!

  3. Hahaha I had no idea you had a category called angry Asian. I’ve read most of those posts but a category?! Now that’s funny and it’s what I enjoy most about your blog. By the way, these rolls are heaven! Could’ve totally had one of these for tonight’s dinner!

  4. DB is smart. You add class to any party, blog or gathering Ms. Nancy Seto =)

    On my way to the Foodie Stuntman to see how to make no-knead (fer-real? to quote Ms. Nancy) fantabulous bacon pesto roll.

    P.s. Did you see my FB message. Love to send you Shanghai Girls by Lisa See =)

  5. I’m heading over now to read your post but just wanted to say this looks AMAZING!! You are truly a rockstar 🙂

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