91 thoughts on “Mascarpone Blueberry Stuffed French Toast for Stuff, Roll and Wrap w/ #SundaySupper

  1. Oh my goodness… I think this is the BEST French toast recipe I have ever seen! And I love that you baked your own challah for it!!!! Amazing!

  2. “Ferreals” you could open up your own brunch restaurant if lawyering doesn’t work out. Your challah braiding is perfection and my mouth waters just looking at your photos of the french toast…Dipped in crushed frosted flakes? “Ferreals” this recipe is making me see unicorns and rainbows!

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  10. Oh my gawd. Nancy. This is so fabulous on so many levels! Wow. “If unicorns and fairy dust and rainbows were turned into one awesome magical food” is just about the only way to describe this! Wow!!! and hello?! your challah is AMAZING. Perfection and beauty right there. I can only imagine how much better your stuffed french toast tasted because you baked your own bread. freaking fabulous! and I’m so happy to see you here today!!! I couldn’t get my act together and took this Sunday off and then realized that Amy was hosting!! Argh! so bummed with myself. . anyway, you have to join in a couple Sundays when we do “5 ingredients or less”- that’s when I’m hosting. For the first time ever. AHHHHHHH!

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  15. Holla for challah! This loooks and sounds amazing! I love the Frosted Flakes crunch factor! I stopped making homemade bread, but maybe, just maybe, I’ll try it again to make challah so I can make this magic french toast.

    And, I too, force people to be my guinea pigs! Good times!

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  20. Ha! I’m envious that you get to even eat breakfast. For me, it normally amounts to a cup of coffee to avoid caffeine headaches. I think I’d eat it more often if I had this dish at my disposal. Thanks for making that possible.

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  23. We rarely go out to breakfast (husband perfers his same old same old at home) but when we do I always order French Toast. Like you, I am generally disappointed because the actual dish doesn’t meet my dreams. This French Toast, Nancy, is straight from my dreams!! Crunchy, creamy, fruity, YUM. I have this pinned because I really want this for breakfast but I am not so sure I could make mine taste nearly as luscious as yours! As for your first Challah….you get a medal. Not just for a gorgeous loaf but for expertly accomplishing a 6 strand braid!!

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  26. This is the French toast that puts all other to shame. WOW! From the crispy Frosted Flake coated outside (brilliant by the way) to the luscious inside of that beautiful homemade bread. Your friends were beyond lucky to have enjoyed this divine meal.

  27. My goodness, you were right in that we both chose and prepared a stuff french toast recipe! Soul foodie sitters! you shoot the best shots though! I’k glad to have found your blog through the Sunday Supper group; I’ll looking for your future recipes!

  28. First of all – that challah is GORGEOUS! Which, of course, means that this french toast is far beyond gorgeous. It is seriously a thing of beauty, Nancy. I want a big ol’ mess of it in front of me right this minute! I think breakfast may be my favorite meal of the day, too. It’s in my top 3 for sure. Ba-dum-bum.

  29. I am most definitely going to need some company over for this ones–it does look freakin’ delish! I would eat breakfast for all meals of the day if I could–wait, I already do that. Possibly to the extent of raising eyebrows. Pinned!

  30. Omigosh Nancy! I’ve been eyeing on this recipe every since you posted that challah on Instagram. I need to find a way to be your neighbor so I can help you…finish it. 😀 This is totally droolworthy. Gulp…. Bookmarked!

  31. I always say the same thing about going out for breakfast! I love going out but for some reason with that meal in particular I always end up thinking that I could have made the exact same thing for a fraction of the cost. If I saw this french toast on a menu though, I would always think it’s worth going back to order it – it looks amazing! And I can’t believe you made that bread yourself too – it’s perfect! I’m going to have to try making challah myself some time too – perfect time with Easter coming up!

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  33. This is an amazing breakfast that has slipped right off the rails of some fantasy fairy ride into the heaven of dessert. Absolutely stunning, Nancy, from the crunchy outside to the sweet mascarpone to the dripping, syrupy berry compote!

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