91 thoughts on “Mascarpone Blueberry Stuffed French Toast for Stuff, Roll and Wrap w/ #SundaySupper

  1. Totally obsessing over that GORGEOUS loaf of challah. Challah french toast is most definitely the best there is and I can’t get over how fabulous it looks with the fruit and mascarpone just oozing out the sides. (Note: this is the only time when the word ooze is used in a positive way).

  2. Aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrgggggggggggggggghhhhh, who is going to make this for me. It looks totally yummy, delicious and the fact there is mascarpone involved and gorgeous home made bread only tells me even more that this is sooooo worth making for breakfast or … eh … anytime!!!

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  4. Oh wow! Not only does your challah look amazing but the French toast looks to die for! I used to love making French toast as a child – and not just for breakfast; my parents owned a bakery so I was always cooking with leftover bread, even if it meant French toast for dinner. I’m not sure the last time I had French toast … something I need to rectify after reading this post!

  5. Omg. Omg. Omg. I just made a savory stuffed French toast this weekend and now I wish I’d done this instead!! Mascarpone and blueberry? And cereal crusted? Oh my lord…. Also, pretty sure I’ve never seen more beautiful challah. Love this, Nancy!

  6. I’m with you – as much as I love going out for a leisurely brunch, I’ve found that Jeff and I can make it much better at home! I actually prefer it now to restaurant brunches!

    My mouth started watering just thinking about Frosted Flakes. I love those things, and haven’t had them in sooooo long. I’m crushing on this French toast so, so hard, and I’m not even normally a big fan of French toast. I’m sending Jeff this recipe and hoping for the best 😉

  7. Dear God Nancy, there I go again, salivating at looking at your baked goods. That bread is SO beautiful and and the slices are gorgeous. But that french toast!!! Wow, I think that is the most decadent french toast I have ever seen! It’s so thick and moist looking and I love how it is sandwiches with the fruit and cream. I seriously don’t blame you for shoving your face into it, haha! I also hear ya too, I can’t stand to pay money for food at restaurants, when most don’t meet my satisfaction or knowing I can cook what I want at home. Most cases, the food would make me sick anyhow 😦

  8. Oh my gosh Nancy – I’m fully a week (actually 2 weeks so I’m half way there) behind in my reading but this one was so worth waiting for! I have already pinned it and can’t wait to make it myself!

  9. Nancy, there’s just no explaining how much I love this stuffed French toast. I mean, it’s oozing deliciousness. I believe that all French toast should be stuffed. Love the last photo.

  10. Om-freaking-g, Nancy! I am totally blown away here. That dish is amazing! And I can’t believe you made that challah! I bow at your feet, girl. That is so gorgeous, and so are your photos. Pinning this beautiful post

  11. I am so excited to make this for brunch at the cottage on the upcoming long weekend! Do you think that the mascarpone cream would keep well if I were to make it 2 days prior and keep it refrigerated?!?

    • The mascarpone cream should be fine in the fridge for two days (I probably wouldn’t want to keep it any longer than 3 days, tops). If there’s any separation, just whip it with a fork or whisk to bring it back together. I hope you try the recipe! Please come back and let me know how it turns out. Have a great weekend at the cottage (that sounds divine!).

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    • Hi Elisa! Sorry for this late response. I don’t know if that would work – I’d worry about the brown sugar burning as the french toast is being fried (I almost had that problem with the Frosted Flakes since there’s such a high sugar content in that cereal). You could try panko crumbs, coconut, chopped nuts without any sugar or you could omit the crust altogether. Let me know what you end up doing!

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