Orange Cranberry Chocolate Muffins for a #FoodMemory Guest Post

If you haven’t already discovered the incredible blog Cake Duchess, you’re in for a treat today. I don’t know how I stumbled upon Lora’s beautiful space, but I’m so thankful I did. This lady knows good food but she also writes fantastically eloquent and heartfelt posts. The first post I ever read of hers was titled Sweet Orange Buns for the delicious treat that she had baked up for that day but more importantly, it dealt with the passing of her beloved father and the trip she made to Italy with her family to honour him. Seriously, I was in tears as I was reading it. Since then, I’ve been lucky to get to know Lora and my life is all the richer for it.

Lora started a series on her blog called Food Memories where she has different bloggers write about someone special who has left their lives and any food memories that we have tied to the dearly departed. Each post she has featured so far has really touched my heart and I’m honoured today to add to this series. I made these orange cranberry chocolate muffins for a very dear and special lady who left my life far too early. Click here to head over to Cake Duchess and read all about it.

18 thoughts on “Orange Cranberry Chocolate Muffins for a #FoodMemory Guest Post

  1. What magnificent muffins! Did you know I just met up with Lora and her mom in Florida on Tuesday??? She’s as wonderful as you would imagine! I have to pop over and read your post. SO good to see you blogging again!!! xo

  2. hit “post comment” too soon. . you know you really have a way with words. . very honest and a great story teller. . and like I said, I loved your post so much and hope that if phoebe and madeline ever need someone else, outside of me and Paul, that they may find this in a teacher or counselor too, just like you. thanks so much for sharing this. and the muffins are beautiful!!!

  3. aw this was such a beautiful post. I totally can’t imagine you being a screw up in high school or in any way but thank you for sharing a bit of your past with us!! I think these muffins are perfect and would love to try these out (with the hot chocolate after of course!)

  4. These look so beautiful! They look so light an dairy, I love the texture. Conniving orange and chocolate is such a wonderful combo too. Headed over to check out the blog! Thank you Nancy!

  5. Just popping back over after reading the post on Cake Duchess- it was lovely, Nancy. Mrs. D would be so happy to know what a positive impact she’d had on your life. You’ve written her a beautiful tribute.

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