S’mores Mud Pie for a Special Guest Post

S'mores mud pie 4
My little sister is getting married this Saturday and I’m honoured to be one of her bridesmaids. I love my sister so much. She bought me my beloved Kitchenaid mixer as a wedding present when I got married two years ago. Needless to say, my love and appreciation for her quadrupled after I received that gift, especially knowing that she lugged it home by herself on public transit after purchasing it. That thing is ridiculously heavy, yo. I should know – I had to exchange my mixer because I’m a brat who wanted cherry red instead of the black model that she bought me. I drove it to the mall and had to push it on the floor because I couldn’t even carry it. I was sweating like a pig and grunting like one too the entire time.

Family is important. Family is everything. So today’s post is special for me. I wrote a guest post for my friend, Alice of Hip Foodie Mom. We’ve guest posted for each other before (see here and here) and it’s no secret that there’s mad mutual love ‘n respect between the two of us. Alice is currently in Dallas where she’ll be offering all her love and support (as well as her incredible cooking) to her family, since her sister Grace is donating one of her kidneys to their mom. Isn’t that incredible?! I’m wishing these strong, wonderful, fabulous ladies a smooth surgery and a quick recovery time.

Head on over, check out the post here, and send Alice some love! I made her a s’mores mud pie because, well, duh – nothing says comfort and extravagant deliciousness than s’mores in ice cream form!
S'mores mud pie 7

27 thoughts on “S’mores Mud Pie for a Special Guest Post

  1. Awwww family IS so important and I’m so excited for you getting to be in your sister’s wedding. Anyone who’d get me a KA stand mixer would become a very important person in my life foreveerrrr. AND OMG I’M DYING OVER THIS PIE. Perfection. Love love looove

  2. Nancy!
    Thank you again!!! I loved this recipe so much. . and can’t wait to see photos of your sister’s wedding!! have fun, enjoy yourself and take lots of photos!! 🙂 see you next month!

  3. Family is absolutely important and I can see how important it is to you too. It’s a funny story how you replaced your mixer due to the color, but I would do the same, ha !

    Great guest post and Alice’s sister is amazing to be able to do something that giving for their mother. Hope all turns out well and their mother recovers easily.

  4. Great minds think alike…I just made S’More Ice Cream…Looks like you knocked it up a notch though by adding it into a mud pie…I’m rushing over to Hip Foodie Mom now…But not before I wish you and your sister and your beloveds happy, happy weekend wedding =)

  5. Goodness, so much love here. I am touched to here about that sweet woman donating her kidney to her mom. Beautiful. And I’m so excited for your sister’s wedding. I’m sure it will be a beautiful day. Wonderful pie, wonderful post.

  6. Oh my goodness! It’s so extremely exciting that your little sister is getting married….TOMORROW! Have a great time celebrating with your family! I will drop by Alice’s page to send her my support. And by the way…this s’mores mud pie would make anyone feel 1,000 times better. It has already made my day much brighter just by looking at it! 🙂

  7. That pie looks amazing – and so much more difficult than it actually is – love those kinds of recipes! I hope you had a fantastic time at your sister’s wedding this weekend and get to spend lots of quality time with your family. I know all about trying to lug heavy things on public transit but I’ve never attempted a Kitchenaid – that would take true love!

  8. Sisters are the best,no doubt!!!Congratulations on your sisters’ wedding Nancy!!The facebook pics were gorgeous!!!Your mud pie looks decadent and very tempting 🙂 I read about Alices’ story on FB and its incredible!Off to see the recipe 🙂

  9. You are too funny with dragging your KitchenAid mixer. And you know what, I would be a brat too if I received one in a color that I didn’t want because for what it costs, you better make it worth every penny. I don’t even have one yet and I’m hoping one day maybe my sister can get the hint and buy ME one. We’ll see. Haven’t decided on a color though…hmm…

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