Junk Food Magic Bars for a Guest Post

I haven’t worked out since mid-December, when I started going to a gym that my friend, Mr. Smith, frequents. It’s not cross fit but it’s very similar – you do interval training at different stations and the exercises change every class. It was intense, to say the least. Thinking it would motivate me to actually continue going, I bought a 20 class package for $200. Guess who hasn’t gone back to the gym since before Christmas?

Yup, I’m a bloody fool…a bloody lazy fool.

It’s been gorgeous in Vancouver so I actually forced myself to go for a run after work today. I took it easy, jogging at a fairly slow pace. One lap around the park and my heart was pounding out of my chest, nausea washing over me in waves. Lesson here? I freaking need to work on my fitness. And I definitely need to eat less of this:
These, my friends, I’ve titled junk food magic bars because they contain everything that is bad and evil for your arteries but oh so good to the ravenous taste buds. I made them in honour of my good friend, Paula of Vintage Kitchen Notes. Paula is dealing with the aftermath of a devastating flood in Buenos Aires and when she asked for some guest posts on her blog, I immediately jumped at the chance to help lessen her load just a bit.

And seriously, nothing is more comforting sometimes than salty, sweet, crunchy, creamy junk food – we’re talking a brown butter chocolate chip cookie base, condensed milk, Toffifee, topped off with crushed potato chips and pretzels drizzled in caramel.
I have nothing but love and admiration for Paula. While I can go on and on about this amazing lady, you should just jump over to her blog and check out my post here.

15 thoughts on “Junk Food Magic Bars for a Guest Post

  1. Bravo, Nancy! I’ll jump over to Vintage Kitchen. P.s. You are one of the least lazy people I know. You’ve got a high-power job and you manage to stay connected with fellow food bloggers and fans! And take care of a cute lil Abby =) Looks like the energizer bunny to me. (You do have that battery in Canada, yes?)

  2. I completely agree with the ninja baker–between your stressful job and the superwoman job you do at constantly improving your blog–whatevs! You are many things, but lazy is not one of them 🙂 Can’t wait to read your guest post!

  3. I’ll go check the recipe out but I can already tell these look crazy good! I just started getting into fitness this year and of all the different classes I’ve tried, Zumba is by far my favourite! I felt ridiculous at first but once I got the hang of it, it was so fun, and I actually look forward to going to classes. If you want something that doesn’t feel like work but is still a workout you should give it a try! (and then eat even more dessert to make up for it :))

  4. Oh, my gosh. These look crazy good, Nancy! And so nice of your to guest post for Paula. I’ve been in an exercise slump with all that’s been going on…I’m afraid to think of how power yoga will go tomorrow :/

    PS. Thanks for your kind words of sympathy. xo

  5. I am eager to check out this recipe! I don’t do well in gyms. I tend to find being outside is the best motivator for me. I’m sorely looking forward to some warmer weather. I think it will be good for my soul and my body. And these bars? Well they will make me one happy girl. For sure. Thank you for sharing! So glad I found your blog!

  6. Ahm…did you say Lazy? *falling on the floor, laughing hysterically* Good one, girl! You’re right…its filled with all the stuff we love but really shouldn’t eat. I would probably wait for a cheat day and devour this bar! TOTALLY! Don’t even talk to me about working out. I’ve been on a lifestyle challenge for the past month and I haven’t been running/walking as much as I should. Ugh. :-/ Hopefully the good weather will help me hit the pavement 🙂

    I’m heading over to Paula’s for this guilty pleasure!

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