PB&J Cookie Bars for a Guest Post

I’m honoured to be guest posting for my good friend, Alice, over at her fabulous blog, Hip Foodie Mom. Alice is one hard workin’ mama – she’s on a much deserved vacay in LA with her family. Click here to read about a whole lotta lady love (we gals gotta stick together!) and get a killer recipe for peanut butter and jam bars. Need more convincing?
That ought to do it.

On a side note, the Husband and I are leaving tomorrow for Hawaii. We’re super excited – it’s the first time we’re going there. So, there’ll be no blogging from me until next week. I’ll miss y’all…but not too much 😉

25 thoughts on “PB&J Cookie Bars for a Guest Post

    • Please do! I freaking love that song! I should’ve put my favourite Family Guy clip in this post (the one where Brian’s in a banana costume and singing Peanut Butter Jelly Time to Peter).

  1. ahhh these look so good!! also I’m so excited to hear all about Hawaii!! I hope you managed to take a lot of great pics and naturally I’m excited to hear about any food related stories 😛 hopefully you had a relaxing and enjoyable week, Hawaii is somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit so I can’t wait to hear about your travel adventures, Nancy! 🙂

  2. These bars look freakin’ amazing. I’m newish to the peanut butter and jelly combo (being Aussie… we’re not quite as peanut butter mad over here) but it’s absolutely delicious. Heading over to Hip Foodie Mom to check out the whole recipe now! xx

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