Chocolate Chip Anzac Cookies for a #ChocolateParty

Our little Abigail is quite the handful. She looks like a sweet innocent ball of fluff but don’t let that face fool you. I may have been a bit too accurate when I gave her “Ass Kicker” for a middle name. She is certainly kicking our asses when it comes to patience, discipline and sleep. Has anyone ever told you that having a dog is like having a baby? Well, it’s absolutely true.
The first few nights she barked all night long so there was no way we were sleeping up in here. There were also several nights where I’d come home from work to find that the little bugger had escaped from her fenced off area in our living room. She’d come running up to me as I was taking off my shoes, practically grinning in glee at having had free rein of the place for God knows how long. I’d then groan as I’d see my entire apartment filled with dirty paw prints, drying puddles of pee and little mounds of poo. We put a stop to that by keeping her in the spare bathroom where she can’t get out, no matter how hard she tries.

It’s taking time but she’s getting better. The awesome dog trainer we’re taking her too has been a huge help. Maybe sometime soon in the future, she’ll be doing this:
dog in hoop
instead of this:

Not Abby - just a stock photo of a dog online.  I WISH this were the extent of her mess!

Not Abby – just a stock photo of a dog online. I WISH this were the extent of her mess!

This month’s Chocolate Party ingredient is coconut. I don’t think I’ve ever baked with coconut before so I had to scour the internet to find a recipe. I came upon Martha Stewart’s recipe for Anzac cookies and was intrigued.
IMG_7157I’ve never heard of an Anzac cookie before. Wikipedia (apparently my go-to for information given how often I reference it on this blog!) provides the following edumacation:

“An Anzac biscuit is a sweet biscuit popular in Australia and New Zealand made using rolled oats, flour, sugar, butter, golden syrup, baking soda, boiling water and optionally desiccated coconut. Anzac biscuits have long been associated with the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) established in World War I.

It has been claimed the biscuits were sent by wives to soldiers abroad because the ingredients do not spoil easily and the biscuits kept well during naval transportation.”

Funky history! I’d way rather eat cookies than some of the other non-spoil-y foodstuffs they probably used to have onboard. While these wouldn’t ward off scurvy, they’d at least be tasty. I had these babies lying around for a few days and I can see why they were favoured for long trips – the cookies actually tasted better with each passing day.
Chocolate Chip Anzac Cookies (adapted from Martha Stewart)

2 cups flour
2 cups rolled oats
1 1/4 cups sugar
1 cup shredded unsweetened coconut
1 cup (2 sticks) unsalted butter
2 tbsp corn syrup
3/4 teaspoon baking soda
6 tbsp boiling water
1 1/2 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Line baking sheets with parchment paper, and set aside.

In a large bowl, combine the flour, oats, sugar, and coconut. Set aside.

In a small saucepan over medium heat, melt the butter with the syrup. Dissolve the baking soda in the boiling water, and add to butter mixture. Stir to combine. Martha cautions that the mixture will bubble up considerably if the butter is hot, but mine didn’t bubble at all. Still, proceed with caution!

Add the butter mixture to the dry ingredients, and stir to combine. Add the chocolate chips and stir. They mixture is going to be fairly crumbly – it doesn’t come together into one cohesive dough because of how little by way of wet ingredient there is.
Using a 1 1/2-inch ice-cream scoop or your hands as I did, scoop up balls of the dough and pack each ball tightly in your hands. The mix is slightly dry so make sure to shape the balls together with your hands.
Place the balls of dough onto your lined baking sheet and bake for about 15 minutes, just until the cookies are a nice golden colour.
Transfer to wire racks to cool.
These cookies are very crisp on the outside and super chewy inside due to the oats and coconut. Next time, I’d use brown sugar for that caramel depth of flavour. The cookies aren’t very sweet, instead allowing the chocolate to shine. Even the Husband enjoyed eating these and it’s rare that he’ll like anything with chocolate in it.

I didn’t make it for last month’s delicious Chocolate Party but I got this month’s contribution in before the end. Next month we’re doing double chocolate in honour of Valentine’s Day – I can’t wait! For now, make sure you click on the linky tool below and check out the delicious chocolate coconut offerings from this chocoholic crew:

41 thoughts on “Chocolate Chip Anzac Cookies for a #ChocolateParty

  1. Never baked with coconut? Really? There are so many good things with chocolate and coconut. IΒ΄m intrigued by anzac biscuits too, and I might give these a try. They do look wonderful! You joined a chocolate party and your hubby doesnΒ΄t like it…mmm…are you trying to keep it all to yourself Nancy?!

    • Ha! I laughed reading your comment. I know – Wikipedia is never used as an official source of info, yet I always go there when I want the quick 411. So lazy! Remember the days when there was no internet and we’d have to go to encyclopedias for information?

    • I wasn’t sure how these would turn out given that the batter is only moistened with melted butter and some baking soda water but they were delicious! Let me know if you try this recipe, Lyn.

  2. I’ve never heard of these type of cookies before but I love the addition of the coconut! I bet they are so chewy and fabulous. I love that they are not overly filled with sugar so the chocolate can take center stage, as it should! I love the high fluff they have too, yummy!

    • Thanks, Brandi! I always decrease the amount of sugar in recipes. The stuff I bake is bad enough for you – people certainly won’t be coming here for healthy recipes! Thankfully we’ve got your gorgeous blog for nutritious & delicious inspiration.

  3. Yum! These look so good. I was actually gonna attempt some of these today but hasn’t even thought about adding chocolate to the mix. What a fab idea!

  4. Oooh these do look amazing! And who doesn’t love cookies that just keep tasting better?!
    Having a dog is totally akin to having a baby, I believe it. She’s such a cutie, though! πŸ˜›

  5. Ooh these looks so soft and chewy!I’ve never had Anzac cookies before and I really want to try these now :)I love coconut and can imagine how delicious they must taste πŸ™‚
    Good luck in your efforts to train Abbey πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, Soni. I’d never even heard of these cookies until I did a search for coconut cookies. They were super easy to make. As for lil Abby, we’ll need all the help we can get w/ the training πŸ™‚ I shouldn’t complain too much – she’s a smart lil gal and just so darn cute!

  6. Okay, I really thought that photo was of your little bugger! She’s adorable though and things WILL GET BETTER! I promise you that, and have you thought about crate training? It’ll help with her breaking loose during the day (unless you are my dog who managed to paw his way out of the zipper, but we really crate him these days πŸ™‚ )

    p.s. I don’t like coconut but I’ll take these cookies the rest of the way!

    • Y’know, I was never a huge coconut fan either. I love the flavour (so I’m a big fan of Thai coconut curries & soups, coconut flavoured desserts) but not the texture of shredded coconut. In a cookie however, it’s fabulous! Abby loves her crate (thank goodness) so we crate her at night. During the day, we leave her crate in the room with her so that she can walk in and out. She seems to be doing a lot better these days. It comforts me when other dog owners tell me that it gets better πŸ™‚ We just need to be patient.

  7. gah I can’t get over how cute your little puppy is and how excited I am to try out these cookies! what a perfect post. one of my housemates last year brought home a month old puppy after christmas break and I will admit that the first two months or so were a bit of a nightmare with the dog crying loudly at the most inconvenient times and wrecking havoc wherever possible, but it does pass as they get older and is totally worth it! also I can’t believe you’ve never baked with coconut before, it’s one of my favourite things to bake with and these cookies look so perfect!

    • Thanks, Lianna – Abby LOVES attention. Every time I take her for a walk, people stop to say hi and pet her. It’s been a long two weeks in my house but we see the improvement in her behaviour all the time. When she’s all calm at night and just lying in my lap, dozing off, it’s the best! As for these cookies, they’re so easy to make. Let me know if you try them.

  8. Chocolate and coconut – hmmm…never tried that before, but looks like an interesting pair. I normally use shaved coconut on froyo or cooking. This definitely changed my perception on coconut. And Abby? I’m sure she’s a handful but also brings happiness to your home. πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to see more of her pictures.

    • You’ll definitely see more Abby pictures, Linda. For now, I’ll try not to be annoying and inundate my readers with them πŸ˜‰ If you like shaved coconut on froyo or in cooking, I’m pretty sure you’ll like these cookies. It combines really well with the oatmeal and chocolate.

  9. She looks like an angel when she’s sleeping. Maddox (my golden) was the same way. We crate trained him. I came home one day to find a spare room full of feathers. It was glorious, but it was a mess to clean up. Somehow, and i dont know how, he pulled our down comforter (mind you, it was no where near the cage) into his cage and ripped the feathers out. I walked into a room raining down. All i could do is laugh as i tried to scoop up the feathers with a dust pan. Good luck!

    These sound so good!

    • Lol, I know, all you can do is laugh (or cry. Or both!). Thankfully Abby loves her crate. We thought it’d be more humane to let her have space to roam around and the option of walking into her crate during the day but it’s not working. My husband has started taking her to work with me, leaving her in the crate and taking her out for feedings and potty breaks. She seems to be a lot calmer so fingers crossed!

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  11. OMG, love the dog photos!! That’s so awesome. . and yes, I totally believe that having/raising/taking care of a dog is just like having a baby. So happy for you and the Hubs! and great that you got a trainer so early. I hear they work wonders.

    ok dude, these cookies. . just like everything you bake, I am drooling. They look perfect. Crisp on the outside and super chewy on the inside b/c of the oats and coconut? sounds like perfection to me. And I love that they look hearty. I totally prefer cookies like this over wimpy thin cookies. πŸ™‚

  12. Love coconut and chocolate. Let’s throw some macadamia nuts in there next time!
    I feel your puppy pain… and joy. You saw our Otis. He really is a great puppy- much calmer than I’ve experienced before and he has not annihilated one thing. BUT… we haven’t used a crate. He is completely potty trained but wants to go out around 2-3am and 6am. I know he can hold it but he’s so good at letting us know when he wants to go out. About every 7-10 days I put him in the bathroom for the night and really don’t care if he craps wall to wall. I just need one full stretch of sleep. I’ve not been on baby duty for 14 years.
    And we need to get a trainer ASAP – We are working with him but we need a professional. He is 4 and 1/2 months now.

    • Lol, ahhhhh the joys of having a puppy! We seriously didn’t want to be waking up at night to let her out. Amazingly, she usually doesn’t go potty in her crate at night. I totally don’t blame you for wanting at least one night of sleep – I’d go crazy if I had to get up several times every night! My husband thought we could train her by ourselves but neither of us have ever owned a pet. We need professional help! Thankfully my boss recommended the trainer she used for both her dogs – he’s been a godsend. Otis really is a beautiful dog. How can we stay mad at them when they’re just so darned cute?!

  13. Ive had anzac cookies on my bucket list of cookies to make in 2013. I told another blogger this when i saw her post about some a month ago. Now this is a reminder to do it. I appreciate your tips about using brown sugar and I may somehow bump up the water/moisture since it sounds like it was a tiny bit tricky to get them to combine but they sure turned out great!

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  16. G’day from downunder, have been following your posts for a while now and enjoy the blogs.ANZAC COOKIES KNOWN AS bicuits to us Aussies, are commonly soft and chewy but if you prefer a crunchier Cookie, if you add more corn syrup (4 Tbsp instead of 2 )they will be crunchier and tend to last longer, if you like them added with Choc chips l would also half the amount of sugar that is added to the recipe. The mixture is rather dry before rolling into balls, but it tends to keep it together when rolled and then put on the cookie sheets spread out, if the moisture is too wet and sticky they will spread out and join up together when cooked. Enjoy these Aussie Favourites as much as we do here, Regards Bev

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