Angry Asian Rant 1

Anyone who actually knows me as a person instead of a blogger is very familiar with my rage. The Husband especially. He tells me all the time that I’m going to die early from the anger. I tell him its healthy for me to rant and rave and let it all out instead of keeping it bottled up inside. It’s true though – the tiniest little thing will set me off, especially if I’m already having a bad day. The Husband is the most incredibly patient person alive. I don’t know who else can stand me when I fly off the handle as I often do.

I try to keep what I write on this blog focused on the good things in my life. What’s more light hearted and fun than baking? However, sometimes you just can’t suppress what comes naturally – in this case, my hot, boiling, all-consuming rage.

The Husband and I went to see The Dark Knight Rises this weekend. We probably only go to see 2-3 movies a year, preferring to watch movies in the comfort of our own home instead of paying big bucks to line up and watch with a theatre full of people. This is largely as a result of our cheapness but also because we hate wasting time since most people now go to the movies an hour early to secure a good seat.

The theatre closest to our apartment has recently launched an ingenious scheme that already exists in other more progressive cities like Hong Kong. You can now reserve your seat and saunter nonchalantly into the theatre five minutes before the movie starts. Excellent!

The privilege of reserving your seat does not come cheap. For the two of us, it cost $40 to watch the Dark Knight Rises in IMAX, in our favoured seats in the back row.

We’ve only watched 2 movies in theatres this year – The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises. Both times, I had the pleasure of sitting next to some unbelievably rude cretins. In The Avengers, the Husband was sitting next to two young boys, who we both assumed would be disruptive but instead turned out to be perfect angels. I had the good fortune of sitting next to the 30-year-old-something guy who was constantly turning on his cell phone, the light on his screen shining directly into my eyes, while he made quick calls and sent text messages. He was also hacking and coughing the entire time because he was very obviously sick. I could’ve murdered him with my own two hands to put the both of us out of our misery.

In The Dark Knight, a middle aged Chinese couple sat next to me. Throughout the movie they kept having conversations about what was happening (right off the bat, woman turns to man when she sees the memorial for Harvey Dent and asks, “Did he die?”) and at one point, the woman even answered a phone call. People were turning around to give her dirty looks but she kept right on talking, not even bothering to whisper. When she first picked up, she said to her friend, “I’m watching a movie” followed up quickly with “What do you want?” instead of terminating the call. I guess I was expecting too much courtesy and common sense from someone who didn’t have good judgment enough to simply ignore the call in the first place. After she hung up, she then had the nerve to turn to her partner and start talking about what was said in the telephone conversation.

I usually don’t say anything because I’m too chicken to start public confrontations, but my blood was boiling so hot that the world fell away around me. All I could hear was the sound of blood rushing through my veins and throbbing in my head. I turned to them and said “Shhhhhh! Can you please stop talking?!” Even when I want to be a bitch, I’m still so polite.

The dude had the disgusting audacity to ask me, “What’s your problem?” If I wasn’t afraid of getting arrested and being disbarred, I would’ve punched him in the face. I said,”I paid $20 to watch this movie” and he responded,”So did I. Just watch the movie.” Everything that happened next was a blur. All I remember saying is something to the effect of how they were being incredibly rude and the guy just kept arguing with me until the Husband very politely told him to shut the F up.

I was absolutely livid. Not to sound melodramatic, but that exchange ruined the entire movie.

Ok, am I crazy? Is it just me who gets THIS angry over incidents like these? Is it the norm now to just carry on in a movie as if you were in your own living room, your fellow paying movie-goers be damned? Is common courtesy dead?!

Was it an extremely unnatural overreaction for me to want to follow the couple home and firebomb their house? The Husband certainly thought so.

What outrages me so much about things like this is that it’s indicative of how little people care about their actions and how it affects others. The conduct of selfish and self-entitled people always seem to overshadow the courteous and generous deeds that should matter more. The guy next to me actually thought I was being the rude lunatic for shushing him and his partner.

To lighten up the mood, I’ll leave you with this sweet little tidbit from one of my favourite Simpsons episodes, “I Am Furious (Yellow)” (season 22). Bart creates a cartoon called Angry Dad based on how insanely angry Homer always gets. Kinda reminds me of me!

8 thoughts on “Angry Asian Rant 1

  1. Hey! GIRL, you CRACK ME UP! πŸ™‚ firebomb their house?

    You are not alone (although I haven’t seen this rage in person. .) πŸ˜› Glad you said something. . yeah stuff like this really upsets me too but just roll with it. Rage and anger does not do a body good.

    Recently I was at the park with my kids (ages 1.5 & 5) and since it’s the summer here, kids are out of school and in these “camps” where they basically take them, drop them off and let them run wild. anyway, these bigger kids – i’m talking at least middle school and maybe even high school aged (they were tall and big), start playing on the play structure that clearly reads “this play structure was designed for kids ages 2-9”. they are going crazy on the thing and scared all the little kids away. So I went up to them and said something and even showed them the sign. To my surprise, the boys- apologized and went away and the GIRLS rolled their eyes, gave my dirty looks and kept talking about me.

    Just say something and then leave it alone. that’s all you can do. For people like that, don’t worry about it. Karma’s a bitch. πŸ™‚

    • Ugh – you’re kidding! I’m glad the boys apologized but shame on the girls for their rotten attitudes! You’re absolutely right about karma – I’m a huge believer in getting back what you put out into the universe. The Husband tells me all the time to calm down because people usually get what they deserve. I’m not even kidding about my rage issues – it’s pretty bad! Glad I could give you a laugh though πŸ˜‰

  2. We have a very similiar dynamic with Josh and I. He is the one who always has to talke me down and smack some sense into me. I probably would have done the same thing.
    When I was in 8th grade living in Korea, I witnessed 2 girls from my school getting beat up by older girls from another school. I wanted to say something so bad and tell them to leave the younger girls alone. The older girls stared me down and I walked away not saying anything. To this day, I regret not saying anything. I should have stood up for the girls who were getting beat up.
    I’m sure the people in the theater were thinking the same thing you were thinking. They just didn’t have the guts to do anything about it. I’m glad you did and if I was there we would have gone off on the guy together! Asian rage and all with all four fists in the air.

    • I totally wish you were there! I couldn’t let it go – I had to say something. Don’t feel bad about not saying anything when you were younger. That’s a very different and much scarier scenario. You know those girls would have beat you too if you had said anything. There was one time when I was a teenager and I was waiting for the bus. A group of girls were there and decided to mess around with me. They surrounded me and said “what the F— are you looking at?” and walked away, laughing. I was way too scared to stand up for myself and just didn’t say anything. Thank goodness we’re older and more confident now.

  3. I just found your blog and I had to read this post. You are not alone! I have sporadic moments of rage too (most of mine involve traffic or grocery shopping) and I would’ve felt the exact same way if I had someone chatting it up in front of me while I’m trying to watch a movie. I even tell my own kids to shut their mouths when I’m trying to enjoy something! It’s ridiculous to pay that amount of money for the movie just to have those 2 douchebags ruin it for you. Rant on sister!!

    • Omg I also get ridiculously angry over traffic and grocery shopping! My husband hates going grocery shopping with me because I turn into a raving lunatic, snarling at all the other shoppers who are walking too slowly or are holding up the line. I’m on my way to an early death. Being old is totally overrated thought, right?

  4. So happy to have found your blog! I love “constructive” rage! πŸ™‚ Your encounters in the theater were pretty shitty and kudos to you for saying something. Not sure where you are, but I haven’t run into that sort of behavior in the NYC/NJ area, but then again I only go out to the movies once or twice a year. Looking forward to more angry posts from you….

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