Musings on autumn and cherry peach crisps

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I can’t believe summer is over. I started writing this blog back in June, the official start of summer time-wise but definitely not weather-wise. Our June was cold, grey, blustery and wet – in other words, absolutely miserable. July started … Continue reading

Cherry almond muffins

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I LOVE me some free stuff. And if it’s free food, even better! The Husband’s lovely accountant recently gave us about five pounds of Rainier cherries. I was in heaven, especially since Rainier cherries are usually pretty expensive (read: I’m … Continue reading

Lemon blueberry cupcakes with cream cheese frosting

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One of my oldest and bestest friends, Soul Sista, is going to be a new auntie very soon. A baby shower was held for her sister-in-law yesterday afternoon and regretfully I couldn’t attend (I saw pictures of the mounds of … Continue reading

Candied bacon CCCs – oh yeah I did it

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I’m obsessed with food. I think that’s pretty clear. I think about it all day long. Even when I’m eating, I’m thinking about my next meal. I’ll be full to bursting but if someone waves a dessert in front of … Continue reading

Vanilla Cupcakes and a Frosting Smack-down: Frosting 1 – Me 0

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Frosting and I aren’t friends. We definitely do not play well together. When you take a look at my most recent attempt, you’ll see what I mean. But let me back up here. The Big Sis From Another Miss asked … Continue reading

Contender #3 in the Quest for the Ultimate CCC

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If you’ve been reading my blog, you know that I’m currently hunting for the best chocolate chip cookie recipe. And of course, what constitutes the “best” is completely subjective – my version of the best would be a thick cookie … Continue reading