The Husband’s Birthday Feast Pour Moi

My birthday fell on a Friday this year, lucky Friday the 13th. I had a great day. I was fairly productive at work (golf claps I know) but it was a sunny Friday and let’s just say my entire office was looking forward to the start of the weekend.

Celebrations began at noon when me ‘n the work gang went out for lunch. Sure we ate some good food but the real star of the meal was wine (when isn’t it?).

I spent the afternoon at my desk feeling sleepy and dim-witted. As an incredibly cheap drunk, it doesn’t take much alcohol to wipe me out.

Good thing I started drinking early (so that I would be completely and utterly sober by the time I drove home, of course! I’m a responsible criminal lawyer). And what awaited me when I got home?

Flowers! Music! Food!

And most importantly, more wine!

All this gloriousness was supplied by the very loving Husband. I have to admit, he is definitely the more romantic partner in this relationship. I’m always super practical, saying dumb sh*t like “don’t waste money! I’d rather see that coin in the bank than spent on flowers/presents/jewellery, etc.”

He’s a very very lucky man.

Thankfully, he rarely listens to me and this is one time when I truly appreciated it. I didn’t want to go out for dinner and requested one of my favourite meals, the Hong Kong-style-cafe standard breakfast meal, macaroni in soup with weiners and a fried egg.

Dinner didn’t stop there. Second course:

Fresh jumbo prawns and clams prepared in halibut fish stock that the Husband spent the afternoon making, white wine and butter. We finished this entire pan, it was that good. Cholesterol be damned!

For my present, the Husband got me this delightful little cupcake stand. Love it! I was just looking at cupcake stands the other day but my cheapness practicality barred me from purchasing any.

Thankfully, the Husband also topped that stand off with a piece of cake.

I was in the second grade in that picture – it’s foreshadowing of the stunner I grew up to be!

We capped off the evening with Magnum chocolate ice cream bars. The Husband knows me so well.

I can’t believe I stopped myself from eating this long enough to take a photo.

It was the perfect Friday the 13th!

4 thoughts on “The Husband’s Birthday Feast Pour Moi

  1. I love that your husband cooked for you on your birthday, so sweet! I appreciate acts of love much more than gifts (wait, did I just say that? :P). I love that cupcake stand! so pretty!!! Also, I’ve never had a Magnum chocolate ice cream bar. . I think I know what I have to look for at the store now! 😛

    • lol – I won’t tell anyone about the love > gifts comment 😉 And you definitely need to try a Magnum bar, it’s heaven on a stick. Just wait till they go on sale – they’re pretty pricey!

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