Blog on Fire Award

Wow, I’ve only been blogging since early June but I’ve been nominated for the Blog on Fire Award by the wonderful blog The Goodie Plate. For those of you who haven’t visited The Goodie Plate, you should – it’s full of drool-inducing photos & recipes, many of which are desserts (which is exactly why I visit the site) but with a healthy spin (unlike the stuff I make!).

The rules for accepting this award are: I must share with you 8 things about myself, and list 8 blogs which I love to visit.

* I love Broadway musicals

* I was in post-secondary school for 9 years before starting my career

* I collect Japanese anime (Rumiko Takahashi is my favourite manga author)

* I played the trumpet for three years when I was younger

* I’m deathly afraid of spiders

* I’m the third of four girls in my family

* I used to want to be a published author, in the tradition of Stephen King

* I’m addicted to Top Chef, in all its incarnations

8 wonderful blogs that I love visiting (in no particular order):

Hip Foodie Mom

Made by Mike


Domestic Diva MD

Once A Month

Mama’s Gotta Bake

A Detailed House

The Playground

They’re not all food blogs but they are all awesome. Some make me laugh, some make me think, and others are just full of delicious food. Take a look, show them some love.

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