Happy Canada Day and Strawberry Shortcake

It’s July 1st – Happy Canada Day!

Time for a little bit of history – this day celebrates the enactment of the British North America Act of 1867 (now called the Constitution Act, 1867) which united three colonies into the single country of Canada. Happy 145th birthday, Canada!

The Husband and I (ok, maybe just me) hate crowds so we’re staying in today to avoid all the mayhem celebrations. We paid a little homage to this day by eating delicious Montreal smoked meat sandwiches for lunch.

Good friends of ours are caterers and they order the meat right from Montreal. We always order a giant slab and keep it in our freezer so that we can indulge in spicy, fatty, meaty goodness whenever we want.

I was in the mood for a summery dessert the other night (despite our decidedly not-so-summery weather) and whipped up some strawberry shortcakes. I had an overabundance of whipping cream due to the afternoon tea party I threw earlier this month so I made a batch of Dorie’s cream biscuits and froze the dough.

Heart shaped, cause I love Canada.

I used the same joyofbaking.com recipe for faux Devonshire cream and made a compote with fresh local strawberries that were disappointingly sour.

Sadly, not as tasty as they looked.

A pretty red & white dessert for the Canada Day long weekend.

I hope all my Canadian readers are having a fantastic long weekend!

3 thoughts on “Happy Canada Day and Strawberry Shortcake

    • Thanks, Alicia! I want to go berry picking so that I can stock up my freezer for the year. If they don’t taste good fresh, it’ll be an excellent excuse to try making jam for the first time!

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